Course Schedule of the Online MA in Maharishi Vedic Science

The following is the projected schedule for the Online MA in Maharishi Vedic Science in the 2019-20 school year and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2019

STC 508Science and Technology of Consciousness4Aug 19Oct 24
MVS 510Bhagavad Gita I4Aug 19Oct 24
MVS 540Fundamental Principles of Maharishi Vedic Science4Aug 19Oct 24
MVS 516 (Part A)Science of Being 3Oct 28Dec 19
MVS 511 (Part A)Bhagavad Gita II3Oct 28Dec 19
MVS 544 (Part A)Principles of Maharishi Vedic Science in Physics3Oct 28Dec 19
MVS 585Capstone4Oct 28Dec 19

Spring Semester 2020

MVS 516 (Part B)Science of Being1Jan 13Jan 30
MVS 511 (Part B)Bhagavad Gita II1Jan 13Jan 30
MVS 544 (Part B)Principles of Maharishi vedic Science in Physics1Jan 13Jan 30
MVS 525Introduction to Sanskrit4Feb 3Apr 11
MVS 504Physiology, Consciousness and Veda4Feb 3Apr 11
MVS 555Engaging Nature's Government4Feb 3Apr 11
MVS 529Yoga Philosophy in the Light of Maharishi vedic Science4Apr 14Jun 19
MVS 552Enlightenment: States of Higher Development in Maharishi Vedic Science4Apr 14Jun 19
MVS 585Capstone4Apr 14Jun 19